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Activon - Manuka Honey dressings
Evaluation of Actilite® Download
The use of Actilite® on severe bilateral leg ulcers Download
The use of Actilite® on a venous leg ulcer Download
Use of Actilite dressing and four layer bandages in the management of venous leg ulceration Download
Activon Tulle in treatment & prevention of MRSA, an effective treatment for chronic wound infections Download
Activon treatment of paediatric scald face neck 2016 Download
Advancis Manuka honey in the treatment of a fungating tumour Download
Burn scar outcomes with medical grade honey Phillipines 2016 Download
Case study demonstrating the effective use of Activon Tulle Download
Effects of Activon Tube on a patient with Type 2 diabetes Download
Use of Honey in Managing Burn Wounds Download
Do honey-impregnated dressings affect Glycaemic Control Download
Use of Actilite & Algivon in the treatment of dorsal and plantar superficial ulcers Download
Use of Activon Tulle on a 67 year old male patient with grade 4 pressue ulcer Download
Use of ActivonTube & Actilite on a paediatric burn Download
Use of Algivon on a burn to the face, neck & scalp Download
Advazorb - Hydrophilic Foam Dressings
The use of Advazorb® Silfix on a Leg Ulcer Download
The use of Algivon® and Advazorb® Border on a skin tear to the leg Download
Managing wound pain in patients with burns using soft silicone dressings – Jacky Edwards Wounds UK Download
Audit of patient outcomes Skin Tears Linda Rafta web 26Aug2016 Download
Use of Advazorb® on a highly exudating ulcerated toe Download
Use of Advazorb® on lower leg ulcer Download
Use of Advazorb® Silfix on a Leg ulcer Download
Use of Silflex® and Advazorb® Silfix on a laceration to the hand Download
Silflex - Silicone Contact Layer
A comparison study of two soft silicone wound contact layers Download
A report on Silflex® Download
The use of Silflex®, Advazorb®, and Advancis Manuka honey on a mentally and physically ill patient Download
The use of Silflex® on a skin tear Download
Use of Silflex®, a soft silicone wound contact layer, under topical negative pressure therapy Download
Eclypse - Super Absorber Dressings
Case Study demonstrating the effectiveness of the Eclypse® dressing Download
Does Eclypse® Boot rise to the challenge of ‘Leaky Legs’? A product evaluation Download
Case study of Eclypse® under multi- layered chronic oedema bandaging Download
Browning White Super Absorbent dressings comparison Download
Case study regarding effective use of Eclypse and Silflex Download
Case study demonstrating effectiveness of Eclypse® Boot dressings Download
Case study demonstrating effectiveness of Eclypse® dressings Download
Management of heavily exudating wounds with super absorbent dressing Download
Use of Eclypse® Adherent on a chronically ill patient with extensive lower limb ulceration Download
Other Products
Siltape® – An innovative option for relieving friction & pressure – Alice V Hannan Podiatry Now Download
Advasil® Conform in keloid reduction following a hot oil burn Download
The benefits of Advasil® Conform in the treatment of scar management – Connie Traynor Download

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